Whitehouse Independent School District

Holloway’s Builders Club did their part to Keep Whitehouse Beautiful

This was our first community project to participate in.  Nine of our sixth graders met at the city park at 7:30 on a Saturday morning to donate their time to make a difference in our town.  We were helped by a few high school National Honor Society members, 3 Holloway teachers, and 2 parent volunteers as well.  Together we filled almost 20 bags of trash as we walked from the park on FM 346 to Hwy 110 but we didn’t stop there.  We traveled North on Hwy 110 all the way to Lily Road, we even had a group go down Acker Tap to the railroad tracks. 

This was a long morning of bending and picking up trash of ALL sorts.  We crossed Hwy 110 to continue our journey back to the park and on our way we continued the cleanup.  As we were cleaning up in our local Dairy Queen parking lot area, we heard a kind voice offer us all a cold drink and a place to rest our weary legs.  We were so thankful to Ms. Camel for a quick break.  We continued our task of cleaning up Whitehouse as we headed back to the city park.  We were greeted by the Keep Whitehouse Beautiful Team with hot pizza for lunch as a thank you for our hard work.

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