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Welcome to the Bus Barn 2016-2017 School Year

Welcome to Whitehouse Independent School District's Transportation Department! 


Here you will find helpful information and documents to make your child's bus riding experience a positive one.  The timely and safe delivery of students to and from school is a huge responsibility and requires teamwork from our professional bus drivers to the mechanics that keep our buses rolling, it takes all of us.  Buses are inspected prior to leaving the bus barn to insure that all mechanical and safety systems operate properly.  In addition, regular preventative maintenance keeps our fleet in top condition.  The Bus Barn is open from 6 am to 5 pm all days that school is in session. 

WISD parents,


As we take time this week to honor those who have served in our great nation’s military, I wanted to take a moment and recognize some special Veterans who remain in service to the children of Whitehouse ISD today. Many of you may not know that we have a large number of Veterans working in the WISD Transportation Department. Honestly, if it were up to them, they would not want any special recognition, but I think we owe it to them anyway. At some point in time almost all children in Whitehouse ISD will board a school bus to ride to school or take a school sponsored trip. I think you as parent should know that many times your children are under the care of our nation’s finest men and women.  Whether that bus is driven by a veteran or has been serviced by a veteran, chances are good that one of these living heroes has impacted the lives of your children.  As a parent, I continue to want to share with my kids the importance of service and sacrifice. I want my children to know what a true hero looks like and I want them to have good role models. I think you should know that these role models, these heroes, are indeed right here in Whitehouse, TX. They are influencing and caring for our most precious cargo each and every day, and that should make you feel good. I would like for you to take a moment and share with your children the importance of service and the sacrifice that our nation’s veterans have made.  I would also like for you to encourage them to thank a veteran today and every day. Below is a list of those who have served The United States of America and who now serve Whitehouse ISD. Perhaps you or your children will recognize them.

                                                            -Dr. Kevin Whitman, Director of Student Auxiliary Services


Larry Wilson                            Driver Bus 043                                  Air Force

Dan Leedy                              Monitor Bus 052                                States Air Force

Jason Davis                            Driver Bus 082                                  Army

Cecil Davenport                      Driver Bus 081                                  Army

Dwight Doyle                           Driver Bus 061                                 Marine Corp.

Ernest Tilley                            Driver Bus 113                                  Army

Richard Brooks                       Driver Bus FB8                                 Army

Jerrod Pruitt                            Lead Mechanic                                 Navy

Glenn McBride                        Driver Bus 043                                 Navy/Air Force

Dan Donley                             Mechanic/Driver Bus 103                 Air Force

Jim O’Bannon                         Discipline Management                    Army

Maria Johnson                        Monitor Bus FB8                              Marine Corp.

Leo Utz                                   Driver Bus 083                                 Air Force

Bobby Freeman                      Sub Driver                                        Army

Rod Craig                               Driver Bus 112                                 Navy   


After the school year has started here are the instructions for getting your student on the bus:
A temporary "BUS PASS" is what you will need in order for your student to start riding the bus from their school for the first time.  Your student will need to hand the yellow temporary "bus pass" to the driver to be allowed on the bus.
 -- Contact your student's school and ask for a temporary yellow bus pass for your child to ride the bus for the first time.
 -- Contact your student's school and ask for a temporary yellow bus pass if your student is going to a different address, different bus or both.
 -- Contact your student's school and ask for a temporary yellow bus pass if your student has a "friend" riding home with them.  Your student and the friend will both need a note from each parent or guardian in order for this to be allowed.  There is limited seating on some of our buses.
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We have reached capacity on some of our bus routes and for this reason we are no longer allowing guest riders on the following buses:
BUS 081
BUS 043
BUS 041
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation


Transportation Office

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