Stanton-Smith PTO representatives held a Round-Up Silent Auction Friday, April 27, 2012. The Round-Up had many fun activities for students as well as parents and offered a large variety of items to "bid" on. All winning bids went to the PTO as a fundraising contribution. The Kiss the Pig competition drew many of the students and their families to the school Friday evening. Each class collected as many pennies as possible for a chance to see their teacher pucker up to kiss Wilber, the 300 lb. pig. Mrs. Crow (first grade teacher), and Mrs. Halford (fifth grade teacher), whose classes collected the most pennies, put on their brightest lipstick and gave the pig a big smooch. The money raised from the Kiss the Pig contest also went to the PTO as a fundraising contribution. Mrs. Crow and Mrs. Halford kept their winnings to spend on their classrooms. Way to go Stanton-Smith for an awesome fundraiser!