Whitehouse Independent School District


AP US Government and Politics Spring 2018 (Period 4)

Matthew Lutmer-Paulson
Whitehouse High School

Course Description

 This AP Government course is designed to challenge student to take an analytical approach on government and politics. With ever changing laws it is imperative that students now, more than ever, dig deeper and pay closer attention to the world around them. This course will be an in-depth study focuses on the following objectives:
1. Understanding pertinent facts, concepts, & theories pertaining to U.S. government and Politics.
2. Comparing and contrasting typical patterns of political processes & behavior while understanding their structures and effects on society.
3. Students will be able to analyze and interpret analytical data in the format of maps, graphs, and charts as well as primary and secondary reading sources.
4. Students will also be asked to think critically by analyzing relevant theories and concepts and making connections both from the past and present and how they are tied together.
Topics/ Themes:
 Constitutional Underpinnings of the U.S. Government
 Political Beliefs and Behaviors
 Political Parties, Interest Groups, and the role of Mass Media
 Institutions and National Government
 Public Policy
 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.