Whitehouse Independent School District


Tech Theatre

Mr. Vernon Grote
Whitehouse High School

Course Description


Course Description:  Students will learn theatre/shop safety.  Students will learn tools; their safe use and a proper method of organizing them. Students will learn aspects of design and implementation of design in scenery, props, costumes, lighting, and sound.  Students will also study makeup design and application.  Students will recognize the interdependence of all theatrical elements, and the role of a technical director and a technician in the rehearsal and performance process of a show.  Students will recognize the importance of and be able to effectively create publicity for a show.  Students will work in a variety of colors, textures, and mediums. Students will read and analyze scripts to create all technical elements

Course Objectives:  The primary purpose of this class is to foster in students the capability to capture the playwright’s intent, process it into a creative and meaningful design, implement that design, and increase the audience’s understanding and enjoyment of the play while creating a safe environment to accomplish these goals.

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