Whitehouse Independent School District


Linyard's Homeroom Math (Period 2)

Kristy Obannon
Cain Elementary School

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 What's happening in Mrs. O'Bannon's Math Class this week?

The week of January 9-12, 2018

  • Monday - Student Holiday
  • Tuesday - Review Multiplying and Dividing Fractions with a whole number
  • Wednesday - Dividing Fractions with a whole number
  • Thursday - Dividing Fractions with a whole number
  • Friday - Unit 7 Test over Mult/Div Fractions with whole numbers

Homework for the Week of

January 9-12, 2018


will only be on Tuesday and Wednesday night due to the short week!!

  • Math homework packets go home on Monday's.
  • Each packet is spiraling things taught in math class from the previous week or weeks in school.
  • Math Homework is on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.
  • HWK can be completed before those days, but each day is DUE on the next day because we WILL go over it in class to check for understanding. For example, if you know Tuesday night will be busy, you can go ahead and do your HWK for Tuesday on Monday night along with Monday night's HWK or you can do the entire packet for the week all on Monday night. Whatever works best for you! :)