Whitehouse Independent School District


Course Description

Week of 11/13/17: Nutrition
Week of 11/6/17: Volleying & Striking
Week of 10/30/17: Volleying & Striking
Week of 10/23/17: Bounce & Catch, Dribbling
Week of 10/16/17: Tumbling & Stunts
Week of 10/9/17: Tossing to Self, Tossing to Target
Week of 10/2/17: Rolling, Catching, Underhand Throw, Overhand Throw 
Week of 9/25/17: Movement Concepts, Fitness Concepts
Week of 9/18/17: Movement Concepts, Balance
Week of 9/11/17: Locomotor Skills
Week of 9/5/17: Locomotor Skills
Week of 8/28/17: Locomotor Skills
Week of 8/21/17:  Spacial Awareness
Week of 8/16/17: Spacial Awareness