Whitehouse Independent School District


Resource English (Period 3)

Ashley Wacha
Holloway 6th Grade School

Course Description

The following are concepts we will learn in English class.
6.14: Using the writing process to compose text
6.15: Writing literary texts to express ideas and feelings
A: imaginative
B: poems
6.16: Writing about their own experiences.
6.17: Writing expository and procedural texts
A: multi-paragraph essays
B: informal letters
C: response to texts
D: multimedia presentation
6.18: Writing persuasive texts
6.19: Understanding and using the writing conventions
A: verbs, non-count nouns, predicate adjectives, conjunctive adverbs, prepositions, indefinite pronouns, subordinating conjunctions, and transitional words
B: active and passive voice
C: simple and compound sentences
6.20: Using appropriate conventions
A: capitalization
B: punctuation
C: mechanics
6.21: Spell correctly
A: commonly confused words
B: spelling patterns
C: spell-check
6.22: Research-Plan
6.23: Research-Gathering Sources
6.24: Research-Synthesizing Information
6.25: Research-Organizing and Presenting Ideas
6.26-28: Listening and Speaking