Fiction, Folktales, and Drama (Plays)

In the second nine weeks your student has and will be continuing to learn the different plot stages through a fiction story. This is also referred to as a plot mountain or plot line. We just finished a project over the story school play where your student had to read the story and with a partner create a visual plot line that covered the plot stages of that story. We are now going through the different folktales such as myths, legends, tall tales, and fairy tales. They are having to identify the stylistic elements from each of these folktales; such as characters, setting, problem, solution, magic helper, rule of three, antagonist, protagonist. Finally we will be going through plays learning our drama elements. These elements include stage directions, scenes, acts, characters, dialogue, monologue, sets, and props. They will be comparing a play to a video film version of the play to show their knowledge of their drama elements.