Whitehouse Independent School District

Hurricane Harvey Relief Involvement

  •  The American Red Cross is our main point of contact for those wanting to make a donation to help. 
  • The Ministerial Alliance (Whitehouse Area Churches) stands ready to support anyone coming to our district with a need. Campus administrators and counselors will provide the appropriate contact information for those in need.
  • Area churches are already working to collect items for the relief effort and WISD is encouraging those attending a church to contact their pastor to see how they can help.
  • Any clubs and organizations interested in supporting a specific effort should gain approval from the campus principal to be sure we are donating to a reputable and trustworthy group. No money should be collected during school hours. 
  • WISD discourages collection of money during school hours for hurricane relief, but rather, encourage those interested in donating to do so directly through the organization providing support and not through the school.
  • Evacuees can report to the Tyler Police substation in Faulkner Park to be connected to Federal Emergency Management Agency resources. Qualifying evacuees will be given bracelets and can get a hotel room for 30 days through the federal agency. They can also receive donated toiletries, food, and other items that are available at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. 
Tyler Police substation
574 W. Cumberland Road
Tyler, TX
Colonial Hills Baptist Church 
7330 S. Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX
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