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It is my honor is to begin my 8th year in music education. I graduated in 2011 from the prestigious East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas. I have been on 4 different campuses and have taught many students. Numerous awards and honors have followed me, among those would be 5 years of U.I.L Sweepstakes Choirs. Recently, I was inducted into the Texas Music Adjudicators Association as a Provisional Member. I love teaching students and inspiring them to greatness! This is my passion and I will continue to teach with energy and vigor until I retire!

We teach music...

Not because we expect you to major in music, 
Not because we expect you to play or sing all your life, 
Not so you can relax, 
Not so you can have fun. 



so you will be human, 
so you will recognize beauty, 
so you will be sensitive, 
so you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world, 
so you will have something to cling to, 
so you will have more love, more compassion, 
more gentleness, more good-- 
in short, 
more life. 


Holloway Choir Website: https://whitehousechoir.weebly.com/holloway.html