Whitehouse Independent School District

High School Online Learning

Good Evening WHS  Students & Parents,

I would like to give you a quick update from the High School regarding online learning that starts tomorrow, Wednesday March 25th, and will continue through our return to campus. All teachers will be using Google Classroom to communicate with students the work they will need to complete and support available to them. 

Students need to login to Google Classroom and add ALL their teachers’ Google Classrooms. Click here to access a master list of WHS Google Classroom access codes. Students will need to sign-in using their Whitehouse ISD email and use the correct access codes to join a teacher’s Google Classroom. Students are familiar with this process and may already have access to some of their teacher’s Google Classrooms. However, click here if you need assistance with this process. Some courses will use Edgenuity in addition to Google Classroom. Teachers will communicate to students if they are using Edgenuity and provide instructions on how to login and access course content through Google Classroom.

Please bear with us as we work through the kinks in continuing to provide instructional continuity. I am thankful to have parents and teachers who are supportive and committed to student success during this time of a national crisis. We greatly value any feedback that you have and please remember to encourage our teachers as they journey through these unprecedented times. You can click here if you have any questions and we will work diligently to get you the answers you need.

For High School students enrolled in a dual credit course at TJC (face to face or online) or at WHS Campus.  The district has received the following information from TJC:


Our main goal for students is for them to successfully complete the Spring 2020 semester.  Our hope is that we return to campus on April 6, but in the meantime, we are modifying course content for all TJC students. 

  1.   All current online courses will begin again March 23, as previously announced.
  2.   All face-to-face courses which have previously been offered by TJC online will prepare to move online in Canvas, which is the TJC learning management system approved to deliver courses.  These courses should be ready to begin on March 30, provided schools are not returning to their campuses. We are working to provide the courses to your faculty by early next week so they have time to review it, alter it to meet their needs, etc.
  3.   We are still working through scenarios for students enrolled in technical courses which by nature cannot be offered online


For Face-to-face courses transitioning online March 30, we will be providing the following:

  1.   A certified online course
  2.   A mentor to assist faculty with teaching online questions.
  3.   Directions for students to use Canvas on their phones, as well as companies offering assistance to students for remote learning (ATT, Altice, etc.)
  4.   We will potentially be opening the testing center and additional remote testing options.
  5.   Online tutoring will be expanded to assist students with online learning and coursework.


Para los estudiantes de secundaria matriculados en un curso de doble crédito en TJC (presencial o en línea) o en WHS Campus. El distrito ha recibido la siguiente información de TJC:

Nuestro objetivo principal para los estudiantes es que completen con éxito el semestre de Primavera 2020. Nuestra esperanza es que regresemos al campus el 6 de abril, pero mientras tanto, estamos modificando el contenido del curso para todos los estudiantes de TJC.

  1. Todos los cursos en línea actuales comenzarán nuevamente el 23 de marzo, como se anunció previamente.
  2. Todos los cursos presenciales ofrecidos anteriormente por TJC en línea se prepararán para moverse en línea en Canvas, que es el sistema para el manejo de aprendizaje de TJC aprobado para impartir cursos. Estos cursos deberían estar listos para comenzar el 30 de marzo, siempre que las escuelas no regresen a sus campus. Estamos trabajando para proporcionar los cursos a su facultad a principios de la próxima semana para que tengan tiempo de revisarlos, modificarlos para satisfacer sus necesidades, etc.
  3. Todavía estamos trabajando en escenarios para estudiantes matriculados en cursos técnicos que por naturaleza no se pueden ofrecer en línea.

Para los cursos presenciales que hacen la transición en línea el 30 de marzo, proporcionaremos lo siguiente:

  1. Un curso en línea certificado
  2. Un mentor para ayudar al profesorado a enseñar preguntas en línea.
  3. Instrucciones para que los estudiantes usen Canvas en sus teléfonos, así como también enlaces de compañías que ofrecen asistencia a estudiantes para aprendizaje remoto (ATT, Altice, etc.)
  4. Posiblemente abriremos el centro de pruebas y opciones adicionales de pruebas remotas.
  5. La tutoría en línea se ampliará para ayudar a los estudiantes con el aprendizaje en línea y tareas de cursos.