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Hello Wildcat Fans,
At Whitehouse ISD, our interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the education experience. We believe athletics provides our students with skills and qualities that will help them to become successful adults and leaders. Athletics instills dedication, discipline, a drive to win, and encourages our athletes to attain personal goals while ensuring maximum team effort and building strength of body and character.
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Whitehouse High School has teamed up with CoreCourseGPA.com to provide custom online software to all student-athletes to assist in tracking their progress towards meeting NCAA initial eligibility requirements. CoreCourseGPA.com calculates core course GPA for both the Division I and II, provides corresponding minimum SAT/ACT scores, and a detailed report of core course credits earned and needed. All student-athletes are encouraged to activate their FREE membership to begin tracking their core course GPA and learn more about important recruiting topics. The sooner, the better because every semester counts! Click the Link below to read the parent/guardian letter for additional information and a step by step guide to activating a membership.