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Did you know...
School buses rank as the safest forms of transportation with one (1) fatality every 500 million miles traveled.  That's 20 thousand times around the earth!
Welcome to Whitehouse I.S.D. Transportation Web page
Due to the number of riders, we will not allow guest or temporary riders on the following buses:
Bus 171
Bus 051
Bus 052
Bus 172
Bus 061
Bus 106
Bus 081
Bus 082
Bus 063
Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year!  Please fill out the bus rider forms attached below for each student who will be needing bus transportation.  These forms can be faxed us at 903-839-5571 or emailed to ramirezs@whitehouseisd.org.  You may also bring it by the bus barn or give it to your bus driver on the first day of school.  Thank you for entrusting your child with Whitehouse I.S.D. transportation.
Here you will find helpful information and documents to make your child's bus riding experience a positive one.  The timely and safe delivery of students to and from school is a huge responsibility and requires teamwork from our professional bus drivers to the mechanics that keep our buses rolling, it takes all of us.  Buses are inspected prior to leaving the bus barn to insure that all mechanical and safety systems operate properly.  In addition, regular preventative maintenance keeps our fleet in top condition.  The Bus Barn is open from 6 am to 5 pm all days that school is in session. 
2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR. 
BUS 022 IS NOW BUS 043
BUS 043 IS NOW BUS 102
BUS 102 IS NOW BUS 172
BUS 041 IS NOW BUS 171
After the school year has started...
......these are the instructions for getting your student on the bus:
A temporary "BUS PASS" is what you will need in order for your student to start riding the bus from their school for the first time.  Your student will need to hand the yellow temporary "bus pass" to the driver to be allowed on the bus.
 -- Contact your student's school and ask for a temporary yellow bus pass for your child to ride the bus for the first time.
 -- Contact your student's school and ask for a temporary yellow bus pass if your student is going to a different address, different bus or both.
 -- Contact your student's school and ask for a temporary yellow bus pass if your student has a "friend" riding home with them.  Your student and the friend will both need a note from each parent or guardian in order for this to be allowed.  There is limited seating on some of our buses.


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