Whitehouse Independent School District

Transcript Request

*Any student over the age of 18 must be the one who requests and picks up the transcripts.  If under the age of 18, either the student or the parent/guardian will be allowed to request and receive documents.*
If you need the following documents: transcripts, shot record, report cards, or other student documents please fill out the request form below. 
To request student documents in person, please visit the High School Counseling Office and complete a student request form.  If you are unable to request in person, contact Mr. Whitman at 903-839-5551 ext 5231 or email whitmanke@whitehouseisd.org or fax form to 903-871-3268.  Please be prepared to provide student's name, birth date, and last four digits of social.  Photo ID is required in order to pick up any student documents.  
*If emailing, faxing, or mailing in document requests, please provide a copy of a state photo ID.*  Please allow at least 2 business days to complete your request.