Whitehouse Independent School District



 In Technology Applications we cover three main subject areas during the semester: Desktop Publishing, Graphics, and Computer Science.  The class is entirely paperless and all assignments are turned in using Google Classroom.  Every assignment comes with examples and a series of videos which explain how to do the assignment.  Students can watch the videos from their computers or any mobile device with an internet connection.  

Please be aware of the following:
  • Any work missing due to an absence, regardless of reason, is put in the grade book as a 0 until the work is turned in (This is a school policy).
  • All of the software we use in class is free and can be downloaded if needed on your home computer. Most of the software we use is browser based meaning as long and you have Firefox or Chrome it will work on your computer
  • All work is due on Friday, graded over the weekend, and typically put into Skyward either on Sunday or Monday.
  • Students are required to check their grades every week usually on Monday.
Conference Time:
11:10 - 12:00
- Please try to let me know you're coming ahead of time
Every day 3:10 - 4:00
Every morning 7:20 -7:45