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Parent’s Note Or Phone Call About an Absence

 When a student must be absent from school, on the day of the absence, please call the school at 930-839-5600  Option 1  to inform us of the absence. If a phone call has not been made, send a note with the student upon his/ her return to school. The note must be signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence. If the student has established a questionable pattern of absences, the principal or the attendance committee may also require a physician’s or clinic’s statement of illness after a single day’s absence as a condition of classifying the absence as one for which there are extenuating circumstances.

When sending in a note to the office for an absence please include the date of the absence along with the child's first and last name and teacher's name.  
  • Doctor’s Note After An Absence for Illness
Upon return to school, a student absent for more than four (4) consecutive days because of a personal illness must bring a statement from a doctor or health clinic verifying the illness or condition that caused the student’s extended absence from school. [See FEC(LOCAL).]

  • Doctor’s Note After an Appointment During the Day
Students leaving school during the day for a doctor’s appointment can be counted present for time away from school provided they bring a doctor’s note upon returning to school. Students who arrive late due to a doctor’s appointment will be counted present provided they have a note from the doctor.
PARTIAL DAYS..  The "Compulsory Attendance Statue" of The Texas Education Code Section 25.085(b) states that every child who is at least age six (6), and who has not yet reached the child'd nineteenth (19) birthday, must be "in school", (c) Or on enrollment in pre kindergarten or kindergarten, a child must attend school.  The Texas Education Code states that if  your child is absent ten (10) or more days or parts of days in a six-month period or three (3) or more days or parts of days within a four-week period without an excuse is excessive.  The Texas Education Code Section 25.093 states that a complaint may be filed with proper court on the parent/guardian if the student continues to have unexcused absences.