Whitehouse Independent School District

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To all our community members, staff, parents and students, we wish you a warm welcome to our website! It is a great honor and privilege to be of service to you and we stand ready to help when you are in need of assistance or support, or even if you simply need a word of encouragement along the way. Please feel free to call or stop by today.

To all our staff, I wish to earnestly thank you for all you do for the children of this district - for that smile that brightens their day in the morning when they step on the bus, or that hot food for their energy and sustenance, or that clean and welcoming building that they can take shelter and learn in, or that special enthusiastic word of enlightenment that is shared from the heart of our teachers, coaches, librarians, counselors, diagnosticians and nurses! They are why we are here, and YOU are what makes a difference in their lives each and every day. We, in the business office, are proud to be a very small part of that team!

We may never know the difference that we make in the life of a child, but as we strive each and every day, please do not ever underestimate the power that we each possess to positively impact them for the good of themselves, their families, their community and the world.

Wishing you a fabulous day!