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Holloway 6th Grade Art


My number one rule in all art classes is "To try your Best." I don't expect perfect artists, but I do expect artists that do their personal best. I believe that all students can create. Behavior that interferes with the overall climate of the classroom will not be accepted. In order for all students to have the best chance to learn and create, the following classroom expectations and rules/procedures will be in effect at all times.

Art students will learn the elements and principles of design through an exploration of a broad range of media. Activities emphasize skills and techniques in the following areas: drawing, painting, graphics, fibers, and three-dimensional design. The visual problems in Art are designed to increase the students’ critical and creative thinking skills which are necessary for understanding the history and production of art. These are also skills needed for the 21st century workplace in any career.

Rules/Procedures: Be Prompt, Polite, and Prepared... 
1. Prompt: Arrive to class on time and follow directions the first time that they are given. 
2. Polite: Respect others and their art. Listen when someone else is talking and have your eyes on them. If it's not yours don't touch it (unless you are given permission). 
3. Prepared: Arrive on time with all materials at your desk when the bell rings.
4. Use art materials properly. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their work space. Grade penalty will incur if abused. 
5. Use your own ideas. Plagiarism from classmates, internet, or other sources will not be tolerated.
6. Work at your own table. You should not be wandering around the room visiting with your friends.

Written Assignments: All written assignments will be done in complete sentences and turned in when they are due. All written work will be turned in before you are allowed to do any art project. 
Class Assignments: You need to have your supplies and project in class daily. Projects should be completed and turned in on time for full grade consideration.
Critiques: All projects will be critiqued prior to turning them in; these should be done in complete sentences. Critiques are mandatory for grading, it is important you realize the value of what you have accomplished.

Grade Policy: Grades 6-8…………..Regular Classes/ Pre-AP Classes/Honors 60% Assignments/daily work/daily quizzes (minimum of 12 assignments per nine-weeks) 40% Test Average (minimum of 3 tests per nine-weeks) (including weekly tests, nine-weeks tests, unit tests, district common assessments, other types of assessments) *The average of the two nine-weeks grades will determine the semester grade. Every student who completes and turns in their art assignment on time, mastering even the most basic of skills will earn no less than a seventy. Points will be deducted for every day an assignment is turned in late per campus policy.


Supplies:  Please ensure your Wildcat Artist has the following by Friday, Sept. 1, 2017.

  • One Composition Book (not spiral)
  • Two brown paper grocery bags
  • 10, #2 pencils
  • Two white plastic erasers
  • One box of Kleenex
  • One hand held pencil sharpener
  • Roll of duct tape, dollar store is great!
  • Two black pens and two blue pens
  • Boys: Clorox wipes*
  • Girls: Pump germ x*

Classroom supplies are shared and to maintain the health of all these items are necessary.