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Art I students will learn the elements and principles of design through an exploration of a broad range of media. Activities emphasize skills and techniques in the following areas: drawing, painting, graphics, fibers, ceramics, and three-dimensional design. The visual problems in Art I are designed to increase students’ critical and creative thinking skills that are necessary for understanding the history and production of art. These are also skilled needed for the 21st century workplace in any career.

Although not mandatory, Art I students are encouraged to compete in Visual Art Scholastic Event. The Regional event is in February and is held at Whitehouse High School. This competition qualifies them for the State Art competition. The state event is in April each year.

Written Assignments:
All written assignments will be done in complete sentences and turned in when they are due. All written work will be turned in before you are allowed to do any art project.
Class Assignments:
All class projects are to be started the day they are assigned. You need to have your supplies and project in class daily.
All projects will be critiqued prior to turning them in; these should be done in complete sentences. Critiques are mandatory for grading, it is important you realize the value of what you have accomplished.
There are two take home sketchbook assignments every nine weeks. One due prior to  first progress report and the final due before the second progress. These are a test grade.
When you are absent, including school related functions, YOU are responsible for asking for and making up missed work. Tutorials are during power hour; see your art teacher for the schedule. You can also check the school web site for information.

I’m excited to have the chance to work with you this year.