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General Information for Art Classes

My number one rule in all art classes is "To try your Best." I don't expect perfect artists, but I do expect artists that do their personal best. I believe that all students can create. Behavior that interferes with the overall climate of the classroom will not be accepted. In order for all students to have the best chance to learn and create art, the following classroom expectations and rules/procedures will be in affect at all times.

Rules/Procedures: Be Prompt, Polite, and Prepared...
1. Prompt: Arrive to class on time and follow directions the first time that they are given.
2. Polite: Respect others and their art. Listen when someone else is talking and have your eyes on them. If it's not yours don't touch it (unless you are given permission).
3. Prepared: Arrive on time with all materials at your desk when the bell rings.
4. Use art materials properly. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their work space. Grade penalty will incur if abused.
5. Use your own ideas. Plagiarism from classmates, internet, or other sources will not be tolerated.
6. Work at your own table. You should not be wandering around the room visiting with your friends.

All students may earn bonus points each six weeks by visiting a museum and writing a formal analysis (art criticism) of one of the works of art in the exhibit. You will find the form in the button below, print it out and take it with you to the museum as you will have to get a docent from the museum to sign the form and then staple the form to the front of your critical analysis. Check out what is going on at the Tyler Museum of Art http://www.tylermuseum.org/exhibitions.aspx but you may go ao any art museum. You may only visit an exhibit once for bonus points. Enjoy exploring a museum.
Students may also compete in additional competitions outside the classroom assignments. These can be approved on an individual basis as extra credit. Please see me with the contest and we will discuss the options. 

Supplies are required for students success.
You will have the opportunity to purchase the supplies well discounted through Asel Art.
Please see the webpage for specifics on each class.

All students are responsible for knowing and manipulating the elements and principals of art.
Peruse them below: