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Applied Art

Welcome to Applied Art. Students in this class will learn about the basic elements and principals of art through media exploration and art history. The students will work on individual student goals meeting their individual needs. Learners will be introduced to artist, styles, periods, and media as they learn these elements and principals. They will explore through acrylic and watercolor paints, graphite, colored pencils, ink, and pastels... just to name a few. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday learners will be hands on in art materials learning the elements and principals creating works of art that they proudly bring home. There are hands on manipulatives related to the fields of art for students to explore on Thursdays and Fridays is their reward day in class.

Learners will maintain a supply box in class that they are responsible for getting out daily to prepare them for the task at hand. They are expected to participate to the best of their ability and create worthy works of art according to their skill level. They will participate in a constantly revolving gallery display on campus showing their works of art. Additionally, they will participate in the East Texas State Fair Art and Crafts competition with several pieces of art giving every learner the opportunity to have their work viewed by thousands who attend the fair.

I cannot wait to explore with your kiddos.