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Now I Know All About Mrs. Kelly!

I'm so happy to be here in Whitehouse where great things are going on.  This is my 32nd year to teach!  Yes sir, I'm teaching the children I taught in first grade my first years to teach and my oldest "student of a student" is in college this year at SFA!  Yes, I'm old but the kids make me feel much younger!  I'm a wife, mother and grandmother to 10. 
My goal for this year and every year is to create readers; not just kids who can read but kids who choose to read because they love it.  If they don't love it we've got to find the kind of books they like and go from there.  I was not an early reader but I did finally find the kind of books I liked and realized I loved reading.  I love teaching all of the subjects in first grade, that is why I never changed grade levels!  I look forward to a great year full of learning, problem solving and sharing.  Thank you for sharing your kids with me!