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Hello Students and Parents,

My name is Mr. Brown and I am currently teaching Advanced Placement World History, Reel America and Military History here at Whitehouse High School. I have been employed by WHS since fall of 2007. I live locally and have a wife and three children.

My hobbies include hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, camping, playing board games as well as table-top role-playing games. I also do WWII re-enactments through an organization called Texas Military Historical Society. In my spare time I Dungeon Master professionally for groups of players.
If you see a weird teaching riding a bike to school, that is me.
My overall goal in class is to teach your children to "think for themselves" and not blindly believe anything they see or read. We must be aware of our surroundings and the media, bias, propaganda, and perspective. In addition, I hope that they can learn some world history along the way.
**This is a college level class and should reflect so in your child's school workload. Please encourage them to do their best and if they are ready, to take the Advanced Placement exam in the Spring.
I look forward to having a great year with your children.

Adam Brown