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The WJHS "WILDCAT"  Art Department is always looking for new ways to publish our artwork to the public both local, state, and worldwide.  With limited funds for travel expenses to take the students on field trips to Art Museums, we discovered Artsonia Online Museum.  Artsonia is the World's largest online Art Museums of student-made art in the World.  With over
3000 +countries displaying artwork from Pre-K -Senior High and Faculty as well.  Artsonia is also in partnership with Texas Education of Art Association and National Art Education Association. 
Artsonia allows local students to photograph, edit, and title, upload and publish their artworks to the world-wide-web. Parents are given the opportunity to view their child's online portfolio, make comments and even purchase T-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, and many more items with their child's personalized art at a reasonable price.  Any money made from the sale of the merchandise is given to the child's school for the Art Department.  Likewise, Artis a total technology based site.  The students must have a working knowledge of a digital camera, editing tools and uploading to Artsonia and managing the school's site.  The site allows collaboration between student to student and teacher to teacher.  Techniques, methods, materials, lesson plans, and objectives are available at no charge to any school, teacher or student.  For example, if a teacher gives an assignment on Van Gogh's Starry Night in Oil Pastels and they are needing visual ideas....they plug in the name of the project and choose a grade level and any projects that fit the objective will appear.   Students and teachers can access the site at school and at home and now on a Mobile App is available for download for iPhone and Android models.  With Artsonia we become a living, working, virtual reality Art Museum at our fingertips!

The money from the grant will be used to purchase camera equipment to photograph, edit and publish the artworks of WJHS "Wildcats" Art Department.

So you  say  â€œWhy  Artsonia?”


Welcome to Artsonia Online Museum of Art     https://www.artsonia.com/video.asp

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