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On level US History Assignments

Monday and Tuesday 8-21-22:
Investigating the historical eras of US History
Turn in Observation Sheet and do Quick write in your comp. book--
Wednesday-Thursday 8-23-24:
reading and graphic organizer on Spanish, French and English colonization
Write a letter as an explorer in your comp. book on Thursday 
Instructions for Colonies Map:
Progress reports will go home this week, probably Wednesday.  
Tuesday and Wednesdsay, students will work on the chromebooks to create a museum exhibit illustrating different aspects of life in the colonies.  The instructions are on my google classroom.  Thursday and Friday:  Students will explore representative government and its foundations in the colonies:  Mayflower Compact, Virginia House of Burgesses, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.  
See class notes and powerpoints tab for copies of what we did in class.