Whitehouse Independent School District


Lucky Charms
Hello Students and Parents, 
As we begin shifting into online school for these next few weeks, I will be posting information and links here. For English II and Reading Link classes, we will be using Edgenuity. You should be receiving your Edgenuity log in and other information from the district soon. I will use Google Classroom and Edgenuity to push assignments out to you, but assignments will not begin until Wednesday, March 25th. Until then I'd like to make sure we are all set up on Google Classroom and Remind101. I'll post the access codes to both below. 
I think the key during these trying times is communication. I want all of my students to know that I am here for you and I support you. We can communicate via Remind101, school email, Google Classroom, and Zoom. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I will do my best to reach out to each of you but there are a lot of you and one of me. If you need me, let me know. As I walked into our classroom today to pick up some materials I was filled with a mixture of emotions - (1) sadness because I miss you all terribly and we belong in that classroom learning and growing together and (2) joy because even though our time in the classroom has been cut short, it has truly been a wonderful school year and each of you have richly blessed my life and changed me for the better. 
I am hoping to see you in May, but we will take things one week at a time for now. :) 
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3rd pd- uaa7tyb
4th pd - idx2u3b
5th pd - cf5wb2w
7th pd - sh5rgop
LINK - lso7ftf
REMIND101 - text the following codes to the phone number 81010
2nd pd - @2anchors
3rd pd - @3anchors
4th pd - @4anchors
5th pd - @5anchors
7th pd - @7anchors 
LINK - @anchors202