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New and Returning Student Enrollment


The following items will be needed for enrollment for all new and or returning students to Whitehouse High School:
  • Proof of residency(This is due at the time of enrollment. You will not be allowed to enroll until this is provided) - If you are leasing, a copy of the lease including children's names along with a current utility bill.  If you own the residency - a copy of the tax statement along with a current utility bill.
  • Copy of the student's birth certificate and Social Security Card
  • Driver's license or photo ID of parent or guardian
  • Student's immunization record
  • Previous years state test scores
  • Grades from current and or previous years
To request documents/transcripts  Click Here
If you are requesting student documents online or in person, please note that it will take at least 2 business days to get your request completed. 
To request a transcript or student documents in person please visit the High School Counseling Office and complete a transcript request form. If you are unable to request in person you can contact by phone and or email me a request.   Please be prepared to provide student's name, birth date, and last four digits of social.  Photo ID is required in order to pick up any student documents.  
*Any student over the age of 18 must be the one who requests and picks up the transcripts.  If under the age of 18, either the student or the parent/guardian will be allowed to request and receive documents.*