Whitehouse Independent School District


Hello to all of my music students. I love and miss you so much! I have set up our Quaver curriculum for all of you to use online. Follow the steps below:
* Set up a username and password by clicking the "Sign Up" tab in the upper right corner.
* As part of the sign up, it will ask you for a Quaver code. I set up a different code for each grade level. They are listed below:
- Pre-K: DVSS3
- Kindergarten: BX5VA
- 1st Grade: QJ4YG
- 2nd Grade: S9NWS
- 3rd Grade: F9NG6
- 4th Grade: 52R8K
- 5th Grade: M3CJ7
* It will then take you to a student screen with four icons. Click "Join a Class" and put in your Quaver code again. Click "Ok".
* The three icons, "Student Interactives", "Creatives", and "Quaver Books", have a lot of activities, games, and books.
* The icon for "Assignments" has lessons that I have created for you. Click on one of the lessons on the left of the screen and then click "Launch" at the bottom.
* The next time you go to Quaver, you just need to "Log In", and it will take you straight to the student screen. Always put in your Quaver code so you will be in the correct grade level.
Parents, thank you so much for working with your students at home. I know this is a difficult time. I can't wait to get back to school to see all of your smiling faces again. All of you have been in my thoughts and prayers.
Enjoy these Quaver activities! 
Love, Mrs. Shaw