Yearbook Cover Contest

The Brown PTO is having another contest to help design the 2017-2018 yearbooks!  As you might know each year the PTO is responsible for creating the school's yearbook, they are leaving it to the students to design the yearbook's cover.  If you are interested in submitting a drawing for their contest, please read the following rules closely!
This year's theme is technology with an emphasis on hashtags!
1. Your drawing can be hand drawn or done on the computer.
2. Computer files need to be emailed to and make                  sure you have them saved in the highest quality you can.
3.Paper drawings must be a minimum of 8 1/2" X 11" (Vertically for front cover              only ) Or 11" X 17" ( horizontally for front and back covers)
4.Your entry must be submitted by November 10th.  So you have plenty of                  time to think of something good, plenty of time to draw it, and plenty of                time to get it sent in on time.
5. Write you name and your teacher's name on the BACK of your drawing.                    Attach the PTO's sheet to your entry. (Computer files can be saved with              your name as the file name.)