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Welcome to 5th Grade Reading!! My name is Pam Adams, I've been teaching in Whitehouse for 18 years. I am excited to have your child in my class!! I view my role as their reading coach, matching their interests with the "just right" books. I have high expectations for each child and look at their individual needs to help them be successful.


Lexile conversions to Reading Levels

The students have taken a reading inventory on the computer that yields their lexile level.  I will be sending this home this report with their first progress note.  Some books in the library do not have the lexile posted so I am sending a lexile conversion chart that you will find helpful.

SRC Reading

Ask your child about the book they are currently reading.  Check to see if it is close to their reading lexile level.  Grades are taken on 3 books each 9 Weeks, one of which can be a graphic novel.  After students have met the 3 book requirement they can read more graphic novels if they choose.
Remember that our goal is to grow them as readers, building stamina, and vocabulary.  Have them read aloud to you.  Encourage them to read punctuation correctly, dialogue, and use expression.  
If your child is having difficulties with the tests over their books have them take a brief note each night about the most important points of the chapter(s).  Students reading 5 or more minutes aloud per day increase their fluency.  
I realize that 30 minutes at home each day is a lot for some, but the payoff is great!!  
Let me know if you have any questions! 

Daily Reading Homework

Monday through Thursday students read 30 minutes each night, writing the title and pages read on their Reading Logs.  Each day the students must return to class with the book they are currently reading and their log.  Parents sign their log on Thursday night, as well as their planners.  Please do not sign ahead. 
Students are required to test on at least 3 SRC, Scholastic Reading Counts,  books each nine weeks.  The majority of the books in the library are SRC.  They are labeled with SRC and the reading level.  This enables me to track their reading and comprehension. The due date for the first book is the 3 week progress note, the second book is due before the next progress note and the last book is due before the Report Cards.  I will send a copy of their test results with progress notes and report cards to keep you up to date.
This is a helpful tool to inspect what I expect.  The most important way to improve their vocabulary, gain fluency, and improve comprehension, is reading.  If your student is a reader who currently struggles please see me and I will give you strategies to work on at home.  Tutorials are offered, but they do not take the place of nightly reading.  The reading done in class does not count for their at home reading.  I realize that this is not an easy task for all students, but I know that it is the most important way to help them become successful readers.