SRC Reading

Ask your child about the book they are currently reading.  Check to see if it is close to their reading lexile level.  Grades are taken on 3 books each 9 Weeks, one of which can be a graphic novel.  After students have met the 3 book requirement they can read more graphic novels if they choose.
Remember that our goal is to grow them as readers, building stamina, and vocabulary.  Have them read aloud to you.  Encourage them to read punctuation correctly, dialogue, and use expression.  
If your child is having difficulties with the tests over their books have them take a brief note each night about the most important points of the chapter(s).  Students reading 5 or more minutes aloud per day increase their fluency.  
I realize that 30 minutes at home each day is a lot for some, but the payoff is great!!  
Let me know if you have any questions!