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Art History UIL

I am privileged to coach the Art History UIL Team.  Early in March 2018 we attended the District UIL competition for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  
Our team studies 40 amazing paintings in several categories including portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts.  We will learn about developments in art throughout history and examine how art elements (such as color and line) affect the appearance of the pieces.  Studying these paintings will help a developing student become a better artist by providing examples of "how it can be done."
Below are just a few of the paintings we studied in past years.  I have included some of my comments in parentheses.
Image result for row boat by frary
Row Boat by M. Frary
watercolors on paper
(Look at those tiny houses on the hillside!)
Image result for winter camp of the sioux by dunton
Winter Camp of the Sioux by W. H. Dunton
oil on canvas
(I like imagining what is going through the mind of this man returning home.)
Image result for the annunciation by van eyck
The Annunciation by J. van Eyck
oil on canvas from wood
(Lots of symbols in this work from the 1400s)
Image result for titian saint john the evangelist on patmos
Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos by Titian
oil on canvas
(Originally this large painting was affixed to the ceiling so viewers had to look up to see it.)
 Image result for 1958 Moonrise: Soldier and Maiden Kirchner          Image result for Romance by Benton
Moonrise: Soldier and Maiden by E. L. Kirchner             Romance by T. H.Benton
oil on board                                                                     tempera & oil on panel
(Although the subject of these two paintings is the same (young couple under full moon), the paintings are very different, displaying a tiny bit of the variety existing in the vast world of art.)
 Blu Glass (The artist chose pastels so she could let us "see through" the glasses.)
Fishing Boats (One of my favorite cubist paintings because I can understand it.)
Marjamshausen (Matisse is quite an influential artist.  He often used these bright colors.)
Niche with Falconry Gear (This piece fascinates me.  The style of "trompe l'oeil" is so realistic, it appears to be a photograph!)
Saint Anthony Abbot Shunning the Mass of Gold  (This painting is unusual for when it was painted because of the interesting background.)