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Welcome to the world of Physical Education here at Brown Elementary!  I am Coach Kaye Bryan and Physical Education is my passion.  I am in my 31st year of teaching and and I love every day I come to school.  Some days I can't believe they pay me to have so much fun!  
I was a classroom Reading/English/Science/ & Social Studies teacher for my first 21 years. I have always taught fitness classes at local health clubs and finally decided to make teaching fitness my career.  The focus of my physical education classes is to teach the students about becoming physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle.  
Coach Sam Marshall, aka, Coach Marshmallow, (BTW, he HATES anything with marshmallows!) is doing great with his new prosthetic leg.  He can't run as fast.....wait, he could never run fast....but  he is in his usual great spirits and is having a great time with the kids.    
We want to welcome Coach Tammie Evans, who joined us this year. She is a Whitehouse native and raised her 3 girls in the Whitehouse school system.  Her kindness and compassion for the kids is amazing and she is nothing if not fair and honest with our kids.  She is a great addition to our team and the kids love he already!
The Brown PE team is here to help your children be the best they can be.  Let us know how we can be of service!  


Flamingo Sequence

This is one of our newer stretching sequences. Follow along as we sit in a chair, pose like a flamingo, and squat like a frog!

Warrior Sequence

Another stretching sequence for you, one that should be pretty familiar. Hope you are staying healthy!

Odds and Evens

Here is a game that will practice math facts while you do some fun physical fitness.  
You will need a play field that the participants can run across from side to side such as a driveway, backyard, large room or parking lot.  
Version 1:
Have players stand back to back in the middle of the play field (6 feet apart, of course). The caller stands at the head of the line on the playing field.  The players on the right of the caller are odds, the players on the left of the caller are evens.  The caller gives a number or math equation (4, 21, 6+8, 30-15,       5x11, etc.) This will need to be based on the level of the children playing.   If the answer is an odd number, the players on the right of the caller run to the edge of the playing field and the partner player on the left runs to tag them.  If the answer is an even number, the player on the left tries to run to the edge of the playing field and the partner player runs to tag them. 
A. If no tag is made the player is safe and all return to the middle line for another number. 
B. However, if a tag is made correctly (correct answer, both players run in the correct direction) the tagger gets to name an exercise for the one tagged to do. 
C. If the tag is made on incorrectly (incorrect answer, one or the other player runs in the wrong direction) the caller gets to name an exercise for both partners to do.  
D. If the correct partner runs as he/she should, but the partner player runs incorrectly to their side, the correct partner gets to name an exercise to do. 
Version 2:
No partners.  The player stands in front of the caller.  As the caller gives an number or an equation, the player has to decide which side to run to depending on whether the answer is an odd or even number.  Correct answer is safe.  Incorrect answer, the caller gives an exercise to do. 
Be creative with your exercise choices!  Give a variety of different things to do.  Think about cardio moves (jacks, mountain climbers, frog hops), strength moves (squats, push-ups, sit-ups) and flexibility (hold tree for 5 seconds, cobra, triangle).   
Have Fun!!!

Cup Flip (aka Cone Flip)

Here's a fun variation on a game that we play. Instead of flipping cones, you can flip those plastic cups we all have in our kitchen cabinets. Make use of what you have and have some fun!

This or That Activity

Here is one of our favorite activities!  Give the choice of "this or that..." and the participants have to run to one side of the activity area or the other.  Pick and stick! No changing minds!   Call out rather quickly so they have to listen and run as continually as possible.  Ask your participants for ideas.  Send the good ones to me so I can add them to the list.  Have fun! GO!

Tree Stretching Sequence

Here’s another of our stretching sequences. I hope you will find it helpful as you continue to do your physical activity at home.

Alligator Stretching Sequence

Here is our “alligator” stretching sequence. I hope you will find it helpful. Try to repeat the sequence at least 3 times moving fluidly (smoothly) from position to position. Ask a parent or other family member to join you!

PE Game Plan

Parents and Students
I am posting a basic "game plan" for physical education activities to keep you moving while we are away from the gym.  There are a variety of activities from which you can choose.  Our usual day begins with a fun warm-up activity such as a dance.  We then do our fitness exercises and stretching.  We then have a lesson on a skill or play a game.  Please try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.  I would love to see pictures of how you are staying active!  If you can, please send pictures to bryank@whitehouseisd.org  I will look forward to seeing YOU!
I love and miss each one of you!
Coach Bryan