Whitehouse Independent School District


“Writing—the art of communicating thoughts to the mind, through the eye—is the great invention of the world.”
—Abraham Lincoln

I am a 1991 graduate of WISD. I love this community, and I am honored to work for such a great organization. I have been in education for 20 years. I have my Masters degree in Educational Leadership. I have an amazing husband, Harold, who works for ETCADA. I have two wonderful girls. Natalie is a graduate of WISD, a student teacher this fall, and recently married. Sarah is a graduate of WHS, works for the Boys and Girls Club, and will attend UT Tyler. I love teaching students writing! There is nothing better than seeing a child get excited about writing. Writing is fun; writing is a lifelong skill.


Remind 101: The PDF link is attached with directions on how to join my classes. This is a great way to get reminders about class assignments or school activities.

School email: wombles@whitehouseisd.org

Alternate email: sharynwomble@gmail.com

Web Page: Subscribe to my web page to get weekly updates on classroom activities.

  • Tutorials: Thursday 3:15-4:00
  • Builders Club: Every other Monday 3:15-3:55 (meetings announced a week out)
  • Weekly Conference: 8:56-9:49- Please email or call to schedule a day to meet with me.
  • UIL Ready Writing: 3:15-3:55 Day will be announced (must try out for this team)

FAQs for parents and students:

1. Do you give extra credit? No. I might give a grade opportunity, but students can retake failing daily work and some tests. I encourage my students to attend tutorials when they are struggling with a concept.

2. Do you give homework? No. Any assignment not finished within the class time provided must be finished at home. I do not give additional homework assignments.

3. What is the pace of your honors classes? The pace is a little faster than an on-level class. I extend the content with higher level skills and practice.

4. Will we write a lot in your class? Yes. We will write all types of genres in my classes. There will be journal reflections as well as assessment writing prompts.