Whitehouse Independent School District


Welcome to Mrs. Emmons' 3rd Grade Class Site!

Welcome to our classroom site!  Please use this website to find general information concerning our classroom, access links, and to access my contact information. I welcome and encourage open communication. Please feel free to contact me by email or by using the school phone number.
Thank you in for supporting your child throughout this school year.
AS OF 3.23.20:
Please feel free to contact me by email, Dojo, or my home phone 903.839.3356.  I look forward to any and all contact.  Please know your child is being thought of and missed daily.  The following is a guideline put in place by our district.  Thank you for all you are doing to provide support and reassurance for your child.

Elementary Student Expectations

  • Students are  expected to work on Education Galaxy daily (minimum 1 hour daily).  
  • Students will read 30 minutes daily.
  • Students should  participate in some sort of physical activity for 30 minutes daily. 
  • Students will practice math facts 15 minutes daily.
Elementary Teacher Education Galaxy Expectations
  • Homeroom teachers will monitor daily usage of Education Galaxy and contact parents as needed (teachers should check Ed Galaxy reports minimum once a day).
  • Teachers will assign Education Galaxy lessons  based on the power standards for current units of study of our district scope and sequence.  ICs will communicate the TEKS to assign lessons on a weekly basis.
  • At the closure of Week 1, homeroom teachers will contact parents if they notice a student has not logged on.  This will let us know if students do not have access to log on. Campus administrators will monitor the contact log and help make a plan for students who need help accessing resources.
  • The homeroom teacher will contact parents of students in their homeroom weekly.
  • Grading Expectations
    • Reading and Math Grades K - 5 (1 grade per week)
    • Science Grades 4 - 5 (1 grade per week)
    • Writing Grades 3 - 4 (1 grade per week)
    • All grades will come from Education Galaxy
https://www.smore.com/7ug9z   -   read alouds