Whitehouse Independent School District


Welcome to English I
Mrs. Beam's schedule
1st Period - Conference-  7:50-8:30
2nd Period - English 1                                                         -Power Hour Schedule-
3rd Period - English 1                                                            (during second half)
4th Period - English 1                                                          Monday - Tutorials
5th Period - English 1                                                          Tuesday - Duty @ Grand Staircase
-Power Hour- A Lunch                                                         Wednesday -Caliigraphy Club
6th Period - English 1                                                          Thursday - Rubiks Club
7th Period - English 1                                                          Friday - Tutorials
8th Period - English 1

Tamara Beam graduated with a B.A. in English and Communications from East Texas Baptist University.   She is in her thirteenth year of  public school teaching and brings a background of writing, theatre production, and business experience to the classroom.  She took a hiatus from teaching to rear her children and to focus on family endeavors, but when her husband passed away, she knew two things:  she wanted to return to teaching, and she wanted to be a part of the best school district in the area--Whitehouse ISD.  Ms. Beam feels blessed to serve alongside devoted colleagues bringing the very best to Whitehouse students.  When she's not in the classroom (and not lesson planning), she travels with her children to give them experiences to enhance their education and an education to enhance their experiences.
Calligraphy Club - Friday, B-Lunch
One of the things people tell me when they see some of my handiwork is this: "I wish I knew how to write like that.  I've really wanted to learn calligraphy, but I just don't even know where to begin."
I can totally relate. When you want to learn something new, it's hard to take that first step.  You may think, "I've got lousy handwriting,"  or "I could never write like that." 
So did I.
I began in 7th grade as part of an independent learning project.  It was a self-taught experience that I've appreciated throughout the years.  Beautiful handwriting is a learnable skill that can bring personal satisfaction and turn a profit!
If you'd like a little space and time to practice better penmanship, or to share some ideas and techniques or projects with other "fancy-writers,"  meet together on Fridays during B-Lunch in Room 114 with Ms. Beam.  All skill levels welcome!