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Class Syllabus

Class Syllabus

World History

Brad Jones


Objective:  The objective of this World History course is to expose students to history past and present.


Absences:  Every student will be given the opportunity to make up missed work.  However, it is the student’s obligation to approach me for missed assignments.  


Tardies:  Tardies will be given if students are not in their assigned seat when the bell rings


Late Work Policy:  All class work not turned in on the day that it is due can be turned in the next day before first period.  This assignment will have 20 points taken off automatically.  Any assignment not turned in by this time will receive a grade of zero.


Journal:  Students will be required to have a journal


Exemptions:  An 85, or above. Semester avg. in the course

No more than 3 absences in the course. (3 tardies will equal 1 absence) No SOS/ Thursday Night School Can only be exempt from 3 classes (Student’s Choice). Second semester exemptions must be different 3 classes from

first semester


Textbooks: The classroom is equipped with a set of books that will

be used by all students. If you are caught writing or defacing

a textbook you will be sent to the office and will be responsible for the damage costs.


Daily Work: Most of your work will be assigned in class and due by the

end of the period. Occasionally homework will be assigned due the next day.  


Absent Work: It is your responsibility to ask for your make up work.  


Tutoring: Will be offered during A lunch Tuesday and Wednesday

Class Rules:


  1. No student will be allowed to leave to room the first 10 min. of class or the last 10 min. of class.
  2. No food or drinks (except for water in a clear bottle) will be allowed in class.
  3. Cell phones and head phones will not be allowed in class.  If either one are seen they will be taken up immediately and turned into the office.

Whitehouse ISD Grading Policy



Late Work

Students are given opportunities to complete and turn in their work. Any work not turned in by the end of the four day grading period will be recorded as a zero. The calculations in the “Example(s)” column below are figured from a hypothetical earned grade of 100. An earned grade is the actual grade a student earns on the assignment before the late work penalty is deducted.

Class Days Late

Percent of Grade Received by Student


1 Day


Earned grade of 100 records as 90 (100x.10 = 10 points off)

2 Days


Earned grade of 100 records as 80 (100x.20 = 20 points off)

3 Days


Earned grade of 100 records as 70 (100x.30 = 30 points off)

4 Days


Earned grade of 100 records as 50 (100x.50 = 50 points off)

5 Days


Teacher records a grade of zero

Makeup Work Guidelines

  1.  Makeup work is available to all students. Students are responsible for asking teachers for makeup work upon returning to class. Students shall receive credit for satisfactory makeup work after an absence, but may receive a zero for any test not made up within the allotted time. Any assignment not turned in within the allotted time falls with the late work restrictions.
  2.  Exceptions may be granted by the Administration in extenuating circumstances.
  3.  The number of classes allowed for makeup work to be completed for full credit will be equal to the number of times a class was missed.
  4.  A student should not, on the day of returning to school, be required to take a quiz or test that was announced during his/her absence.


 Weight of Grades 9th – 12th

All nine week averages shall be calculated on a percentage system for each type (category) of assignment. The following percentages and assignment types will be used:          

Regular Courses                                                         

Daily Grades                    50%                    

            Major/Assessments          50%                   

*Advanced courses include all Honors, Pre-AP, Dual Credit and AP classes.