Whitehouse Independent School District


Dream Box
We LOVE Dream Box at Holloway! It is in the student's best interest to spend as much time on Dream Box as possible! Students have their dream box log-in information. Usernames are typically first name last initial. Passwords are single words like "game", "shoe", "cake", "head", "name", etc. Students should input their username and password on the student side of the log-in page. Stay on for 45 minutes at a time please! 
Link to Holloway's Dream Box account: https://play.dreambox.com/login/ruvb/9fya
Dream box requires Flash Player to work. 
Below is a link for a google search to download Flash player for free:
Google Classroom Access
Access to Mrs. Bowden's Google Classroom can be found by googling "Google Classroom". Students will need their personal log-in information to enter into our specific classroom. 
General Student Log-In Information: 
Username- first five letters of last name, first three letters of first name @email.whitehouseisd.org (no comma)
Password- student's lunch ID number
Below are codes for students who have not added Mrs. Bowden's class to their group of classes. (This would only be for new students or absent students.) If you do not have Mrs. Bowden's class added to your Google Classroom, click the plus sign in the top right corner. Type in the code for your specific class period. 
1st period: g0h33c
2nd period: xjh45gh
4th period: flep79
5th period: kdszef
6th period: sk4ewg
7th period: shzfnln