Whitehouse Independent School District

District of Innovation

Whitehouse ISD District of Innovation Plan
During the 84th Legislative Session, HB 1842 was passed which granted more local control to public school districts in certain areas. HB 1842 allows traditional public schools to utilize some of the same local flexibility or exemptions to Education Law that charter schools enjoy. We feel that becoming a District of Innovation is a great opportunity for Whitehouse ISD to tailor plans based on the needs of our students and community. This plan will be in effect for the next five years through school year 2021-2022 and may be amended at any time by the WISD District of Innovation Committee with approval of from the Board of Trustees.
WISD District of Innovation Committee
  • Sandi Jones Principal Cain Elementary
  • Valencia Ray Principal Brown Elementary
  • Forrest Kaiser Principal Higgins Elementary
  • Sterling Haskell Principal Stanton-Smith Elementary
  • Travis Splinter Principal Holloway Sixth Grade Campus
  • Josh Garred Principal Whitehouse Junior High School
  • Dr. Jonathan Campbell Principal Whitehouse High School
  • Dr. Gary Jacobs Director of Alternative Education
  • Denise Martin Instructional Consultant Secondary English/Social Studies
  • Dr. Paul Drake Assistant Principal Whitehouse School
  • Susanna Campbell Director of Instructional Programs
  • Kelley Vannatta Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Dr. Trampas Bass Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Betty Lough Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction