Whitehouse Independent School District

Digital Learning Week 9 (May 18- May 22)



Date: Week of May 18th


  • Watch a different BrainPop Jr. video on HABITATS and take the quiz afterward.

  • Using an old shoe box, or on a poster make a habitat different from the one you picked last week. Include at least two different animals that live in that habitat. 

  • For an extra challenge, draw a food chain for one of the animals you put in your habitat. Don’t forget, you start with the sun, then need a producer, and at least two consumers! Use your researching skills to find what your animal eats if you don’t know it already. 

  • Don’t forget to send your teacher pictures of the AMAZING work you are completing!



  • Monday - Tell about the strangest dream you ever had.
  • Tuesday - What is your favorite sport to watch or play? Why?
  • Wednesday - Describe an imaginary animal it would be fun to see at the zoo.
  • Thursday - Finish this sentence: Lately I’ve sent most of my free time...
  • Friday -  Would you want to be famous when you grow up? Why or why not?


Education Galaxy Assignments: Syllablesr





Social Studies




Education Galaxy Assignments: Compose and Decompose Numbers

The following are videos that correspond to the assignment

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teach@home Grade 1 - Math


  • Reinforce the video lessons with these quick activities to practice skills.


  • Math Fluency  Games