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Wright, Leslie » HI! My name is Lesli Wright- Dyslexia Therapist

HI! My name is Lesli Wright- Dyslexia Therapist

Parents please preview this wonderful video.........It is wonderful concerning dyslexia!!!

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Remind: program to remind a student

I am in the process of providing Learning Ally for every student I teach at the Jr. high.  This is a web based program that will give my students access to audiobooks.  They will also be able to access their downloaded book through the web on thieir tablets, computers, or smartphones.  I will set this up the week of 10-16-17/10-20-17....... Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!! This will help them in ALL their subjects.

Dyslexia Classes 6th/ 7th/8th periods- TUTORiALS

My tutorial times are Tuesday/Thursday after school!!!!!

Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz

This is an excellent book that every parent should read to better understand their student with dsylexia.  She is VERY knowledegable in the the field of dyslexia.

Welcome to Learning Lab

If your child has been identified with Dyslexia and is attending the Learning Lab for MTA classes ( Multisensory Teaching Approach). This letter should better explain more about what is happening in the Learning Lab on a daily basis.