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Student Service Design


  • Students who are identified in spring are served in a pull-out class for ½ day per week on or before March 1.



  • Identified students receive year-long services through a pull-out program at least ½ day per week. 
  • Research projects, products, and technology requirements differentiate this program from the regular instructional program. 
  • Students will be clustered into classrooms to increase time for collaboration with peers. 
  • Students are responsible for regular class content missed while attending the GT pull-out class, but are not required to make up classwork that occurs during the pull-out time.


Grades 6-12

  • Gifted/talented students are served through Honors and AP level courses in the four core academic areas. Academic acceleration and enrichment distinguish this program from the regular program of study.


Grades 11 and 12 

  • Gifted/talented students are encouraged to accept the challenge of Dual enrollment college courses. 





  • Furlough (leave of absence) may be initiated by the District, the parent, or the student. 
  • Furlough will be reviewed by the Campus Review Committee and a recommendation made. 
  • The purpose of Furlough is to allow the student to meet academic, behavioral, or other goals. 
  • At the end of a furlough, the student may reenter the program, be placed on another furlough, or be exited from the program.
  • State policy prohibits furlough for longer than one consecutive year.



  • A student in the Gifted and Talented Program may be exited due to his/her nonperformance in the program or at the request of the parent. 
    • Step 1: Student/Parent is notified. 
    • Step 2: Conference is held with parent and student. 
    • Step 3: Dismissal will be requested by G/T committee with parent and student notification.



  • If a student has been exited by the school through the exit procedure as outlined above, he/she may re-enter through the referral process and re-qualify, no earlier than the beginning of the next school year and only after he/she has been out of the program for at least one complete semester. In some cases, this will mean that a student will reenter the program at the beginning of the second semester of the following year. 
  • If a student decides to exit himself/herself from the Gifted and Talented Program, he may reenter the program through the referral process, no earlier than the beginning of the next school year by requalifying in the Identification Process.



  • When a student identified as gifted by a previous school district enrolls in the District, the committee shall review the student's records and conduct assessment procedures when necessary to determine if placement in the District's program for gifted and talented students is appropriate.

Student Service Design