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Inclement Weather Plan

Whitehouse ISD Inclement Weather Policy

The district considers the safety of our students and staff a top priority and will always respond first to the immediate emergency. After ensuring the safety of our students and staff, our next priority will be communication with parents. Parent may not receive immediate communication while the district manages the actual emergency. 

In the event of bad weather, we make every attempt to assess the road conditions and notify staff and students as early as possible. Every effort is made to assess the road conditions and make a final decision by 5:30 a.m.Although, there have been cases where the weather worsened during the morning hours and a decision was made slightly later than the 5:30 goal. 

Please keep in mind that Whitehouse ISD will not send out or post notifications to confirm school is in session. Parents, employees, and students should assume a normal school day unless otherwise notified. 

External Communications Flow ChartThe district will use several communication avenues to notify parents, students, and staff. Please do not rely solely on a phone call from the district. The Whitehouse ISD mass communications systems will be utilized in the event of a delay or school closure. If you recently changed phone numbers or email and have not notified the district, please make certain your information is accurate by contacting the registrar at your child’s campus. In addition, we will post the information on Whitehouse ISD’s social media accounts and on the Whitehouse ISD website homepage. We will also notify all local television and radio outlets.