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2021 - 2022 Bus Routes

Whitehouse ISD 2021-2022 Bus Routes

The bus routes are broken down into AM (morning) routes and PM (afternoon) routes and then by each campus.  You will need to determine if you are looking at the AM routes or PM routes, then locate your students school. 

  • Open the pdf document, press the CNTL key and F key at the same time for the search/find box to open. (should be top right-hand corner of your screen) 
  • Type your address in the “search/find” box.  (You will only need the street name, not the #’s in your address.  Example: 108 Judy St.  You would only type “Judy St”.  The find feature will find all address with Judy St in the opened document.  
  • You would select the stop closest to your address.
  • You need to have your student at their bus stops 5-10 minutes before the time on these documents.  Traffic is unpredictable and that will allow for the adjustments, so your student doesn’t miss their bus.
  • Find the “STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM”, download it, fill it out, and return it to or 903-839-9296.


AM (Morning) Bus Stops by School

Whitehouse High School AM Bus Routes

  Whitehouse Junior High AM Bus Routes Holloway Intermediate School AM Bus Routes

 Higgins Elementary AM Bus Routes

 Cain Elementary AM Bus Routes  Brown Elementary AM Bus Routes

 Stanton Smith Elementary AM Bus Routes



PM (Afternoon) Bus Stops by School

Whitehouse High School PM Bus Routes

 Whitehouse Junior High PM Bus Routes  Holloway Intermediate School PM Bus Routes
 Higgins Elementary PM Bus Routes Cain Elementary PM Bus Routes Brown Elementary PM Bus Routes

 Stanton Smith Elementary PM Bus Routes



Bus Rider Registration Form

School Calendar 2021-2022